DubTurbo Review – Is It A Good Beat Maker Software?

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I wrote this DubTurbo review for those musicians having the desire to make their own beats, but don’t have enough money to work with a studio room. It’s also for those newbies who have never performed music before but have got musical thoughts eager to be released.

What exactly are the main issues when using beat maker software? Of course, It’s ease of use and making beats to select on your own. You can produce music on your pc or mac with DubTurbo. You’re going to be a music expert very quickly by its simple full-featured controls and plenty of training courses. Currently, DubTurbo turns into the top rated beat maker software available in the marketplace.

What are DubTurbo’s special features?

I tried much beat maker software and most of them are very limited, they just enable you to use MP3 audio file for your samples. They will also compress your MP3 while you need to export your music to other programs, which means that your production will be 3rd generation and not very professional.

But if you use DubTurbo, it will get you surprising your friends by your beat making skills and even they can assist you to make earnings and exposure.

DubTurbo focuses on obtaining, recording and controlling your samples. It is possible to make your own beats within a few minutes using its uncomplicated user interface and navigation. You may also apply keys with a keyboard you press on to make your beats, providing you with the freedom to determine exactly what suits you best.

The price is always the important matter, but don’t worry about it. DubTurbo is affordable and you can sell your own beats for bringing your money back easily. That is certainly good value.

If you have any questions or problems with your DubTurbo, Their email support staff will normally answer back within 72 hours according to the number of questions they’re dealing with at that time. However, it is great to know that you have support when it’s needed.

How does DubTurbo work?

DubTurbo is composed of 3 panels, all simple to operate and fast loading speed.

Drum Machine Panel

Drum Machine Panel

There is a keyboard trigger on each pad to help you build your beats with a keyboard you type on. You are able to transfer your own samples and record quite easily with triggers or you can draw them in. You can alter the kit choice when you want to and modify every pads volume without having a lagged load time for those who have an idea in your mind you are attempting to let out. Then you’re able to export the drums or the entire track.

The DT Sequencer

The DT Sequencer

This functions key-board shortcuts. The common panel style and creation tools are really simple to use and quick and easy to transition into other sorts of programs. DubTurbo provides contests and submission parts. The 16 tracks of stereo sounds, effortless to draw in or work with a keyboard that you type on shortcuts are fast and straight forward. The draw in bars adjusts the tunes and patterns fast, and you may drag or copy your bars around to have that ideal music. Look through a huge number of sounds and drums, modify the volume, save and change your tempo and export all your beats in 44.1 stereo quality.

Four Octane Keyboard

Four Octane Keyboard

DubTurbo understands that not all people would like to draw in their keyboard sounds. Therefore, 2 of the 4 octane keyboards are operated with a keyboard you type on, which makes it easy if you now play keyboards and excludes the requirement for midi controllers. Providing all things from bass, piano, sax, and bells, you will discover it easy to draw in tunes just like you think about them. It will get you sounding as a professional player by the capability to modify the instrument selection seamlessly and alter the volume to overlap other sounds.

What DubTurbo software includes?

After you bought the DubTurbo beat maker software, you will get:

1. DubTurbo 1.5 software
2. 4 premium sample packages
3. DT instruments
4. Movie and mood royalty free
5. Video tutorials
6. Premium Updates
7. Full availability to the support team
8. 60 day full money-back guarantee

If you are searching for a good beat maker software and make your own high-quality beats, then take a look at DubTurbo beat maker software right now.

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DubTurbo User Guide And Tutorial Videos

The following DubTurbo User guide and tutorial videos will give you full detailed guidelines of using this great beat maker software, It will help you start obtaining the details that you actually need. The installation procedure is easy and quick.

DUBturbo Version 1.5 Basic Overview:

DUBturbo v1.5 Tutorial #2 – Learning The Drum Machine Panel

DUBturbo V1.5 Tutorials #3 – Using The 4Octave Keyboard

DUBturbo V1.5 Tutorials #4 – Importing New Kits & Interchanging drum + key kits.

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Know About Making Your Own Beats Using Different Kinds Of Beat Makers

Kinds Of Beat Makers

If you wish to make your own beats including hip hop, rap, old-fashioned, instrumental, or dance music, there are three types of beat makers you can use to generate beats.

1: Drum Machine. A drum machine is simply a computer with drum sounds which are triggered by pads and process to a timeline to manage and save the beats you play. Now computers are quite stronger than drum machines, therefore they can do much more than simply making beats.

2: Beat Maker Software. This kind of beat maker is always a computer software and requires you to download or purchase it from the web store, and then you need to set it up on your pc or laptop. These types of programs are often effective, user-friendly. Recommend you have a look at this top rated beat maker software.

3: Online Beat Maker. The most advantage of this kind of beat maker is that you does not need to download. All you need is an account for accessing the online beat maker. So, you can use it anywhere and anytime. Also, it is lower priced and simpler to use for learners.

Beat maker software and online beat maker will do the same thing, and it can certainly be enough for you. Both of them will let you make beats on your computer with a variety of sounds, store various beat patterns and place them in to a song, save your completed music on hard disk as well as export the music to MP3 or other audio file format.

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What is Beat Maker?

What is Beat Maker

Today, there are many types of beat makers available in the marketplace. Generally, these beat makers are offered in software and hardware types. Most of beat makers have a platform so that you can make your own beat easily. Never be worried about the operation, because it is simple to operate no matter you are a newbie or expert .

The first thing you need to do is thinking about your music preference and style. When and where you will make use of it and the flow of beats you wish to produce by using it. Below is two main processes to make beats using beat maker software programs or drum machine.

1). The Real Time Programming where you simply ought to press the record button and hit the pads that establish the kind of music you want. As soon as you press the pad, it will be recorded and generate the specific sound automatically which you hit. The tempo, time signature and bars will determine the time for the audio to loop back. It is your decision relating to how often you will strike the pad to generate the sound which you would like for your beat maker.

2). Step Mode Programming. It is not like the Real Time Programming, Step Mode Programming is usually more complicated. Many makers will not recommend this type of beat program, even so there are still some companies considering this type of platform. Step programming is performed by just striking the sound and recording it and you will not hear every beat which you generate. You are able to hear the beat which you made after you complete your beat. But don’t worry, it is easy to return back and add more beats to the one you already recorded.

All of beginners feel that it is not easy to learn the beat maker. In fact, You will get difficult for using it the very first time, but you will certainly discover it is not that difficult as you feel as soon as you get used to it.

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